Releasing Baggage During the New Moon

Why is the New Moon such a powerful time to release baggage?  I know people are probably looking at me like, “Oh, I thought that was the time to set your goals for the new lunar cycle.”  If you want to do that, go for it, but let’s look at the astrology and metaphysics of the lunar cycle in general.

The primary factors that make the moon and lunar cycle relevant to us here on earth are: (a) the gravitational pull of the moon itself and (b) the amount of sunlight reflecting off of the moon and striking us in our pineal gland.  Are there other factors?  Yes, but those are more esoteric and outside the scope of this article.

Let’s deal with item “b” – the light reflecting off of the moon from the sun.  Our bodily functions are triggered by environmental influences, primarily sunlight.  When I say bodily functions, I’m referring to things like:
—rate of digestion
—which hemisphere and lobe of the brain is more active
—whether the sympathetic or para-sympathetic nervous systems are more active
—whether we’re tired or invigorated
—our moods and emotions
—the strength and ability of our liver to regenerate itself and synthesize protein
—our sexual vigor and stamina

The list goes on.  It’s true that most people wouldn’t tie these functions to the lunar cycle of sunlight, but that’s because astrology and metaphysics aren’t mandatory subjects in our schools.  The more sunlight we are exposed to, the more invigorated we are to use force, do work, be external in our actions, and desire to interact with our environment.  The more light available, the more energy we’ll have at our disposal to accomplish work.

Listen to the CLEARING (NEW MOON) Ritual to remove Money Blockages HERE:

Conversely, the less light there is available, the more lethargic we may feel and our desire to rest, sleep, and stay internal increases.  These phenomena can be observed with how we feel throughout the day and night.  Nighttime is sleep time because that’s how humans actually feel at night and the reverse is the case during the daytime.  So how does this all relate to the New Moon and clearing baggage?  When you’re body is at rest, all of it’s energy is being used to detoxify itself and regenerate.  That’s what happens when we sleep.  We’re repairing any damage done during the previous day and when there’s energy left over, we’re healing ourselves and getting better – reversing the aging process even.  This process involves the bodily systems repairing themselves, improving themselves, healing, strengthening, etc.  This is what happens during the night time.  The body is also eliminating waste that was accumulated during the day in the form of dead cells and tissue.  All of that will be eliminated through oxidation and through your urine and feces the next day upon waking.

The nighttime, midnight to three a.m. is the time to rejuvenate, clear, and release.  Not the time to plan for anything.  Your mind is working well enough at midnight to plan for the future.  Let’s look at the correlations of the daily cycle and the lunar cycle.

6pm – 9pm – 3rd Quarter (Last Quarter)
9pm – 12am – Waning Crescent
12am – 3am – New Moon
3am – 6am – Waxing Crescent
6am – 9am – 1st Quarter
9am – 12pm – Waxing Gibbous
12pm – 3pm – Full Moon
3pm – 6pm – Waning Gibbous

Listen to the New Moon Quick Start video HERE:

This is how the hours of the day correlate to the lunar phases.  Welcome to the New Moon.  This is a great opportunity to renew your inner self by clearing away all the mental and emotional waste that has piled up throughout the other phases of the lunar cycle.

I suggest you use the Clearing Affirmations and rituals found in the Moon Manifestation Workbook and restrengthen your inner self.  This is how we tap into our power as human and spiritual beings.  Take advantage of the additional darkness to go WITHIN!!!!

Swim in the dark waters of Sekher-t Mut Eh and allow her coldness and divine energies to bathe you in the same way she did before you incarnated on the physical plane.

Happy New Moon!

Rakhem Seku (aka Carl E. Stevens, Jr.)

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